After a period as Mac OS specialist and trainer Apple changed it focus to making slabs with profit margins above 40 procent, and I changed my focus to other system. I learned about Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone open hardware, and after more learning about electronics, hardware and IOT, I started developing my own hardware for several projects. One of my petprojects turned out to get an award at a hackathon and was further developed as MyCaYoCa (My Car is Your Car), which involved sharing your own car via a hard - and software solution I presented at the hackathon. After discussing the plan with MyWheels and SnappCar in the Netherlands, both sharing-car companies, I tried to develop it a bit further, but for lack of funding, the project stalled, and I became involved in another projects, concerning wooden apartments, very appropriately called Woodyshousing.

hardware oplossing
This project first involved opening a door electronically, but very quickly developed in a complete solution for monintoring and managing the house. The idea would be that each house had its own control unit, which would be managed via a device, be it phone, tablet or computer in the house. That involved designing a complete hardware solution, of which three prototypes have been installed. Currently the houses have been operating since 2016.

The project is looking for investors.

Hard and Software developer, Trainer, Writer

My work interests include programmable matter and the rest of the world.