Privacy is important

In the Netherlands we have experienced what too much information storage can mean. During the nazi-occupation the nazi’s used the information about religion that was stored in the civil registry to pick up jews. in 2010-2022 the tax office targeted people with ‘strange names’ and non-dutch background to check on their tax-records, which amplified the impression that foreigners can not be trusted. Only after a parliamentary investigation it turned out that the tax office had issued draconial fines which were incorrect and ruined peoples lives, and that most of these fines were issued incorrectly.

Netsense does not store info from website visits

To prevent these events to ever happed again, Netsense does not store info about visitors, not on the website nor in the apps that we develop for ourselves. If info is needed to access a website, that info is not linked to any external provider.

We do not use cookies on the website. We do not sell information about visits to other organisations.

Webservers store info about IP-numbers where requests come from. Nothing can be done about that. We do not use that info, and remove the logging after a year.

Netsense does not mail, unless requested

Netsense does not send unsollicited mail. When you send a mail to Netsense, be assured that the only mail you will receive will be mail that is for you, not some market-target mail or phishing mail to see if you still read that mail.

We do store your email address, if you have sent us a mail. We do not sell or distribute your email-address, or any other information that have been transferred to us about persons or organisations.