Unix, Mac, Network support.

Although I am currently not training people on Mac systems, on Unix systems or on TCP-IP, I still get the occasional request to support organisations with their network and machine problems and configurations.

Most of the times I can help them out, and it is always nice to have someone up and running again. I do second line support for some unnnamed organisatios, that, if they cannot solve it themselves, give me a call.

For instance, someone called me that a Kerio mailserver was rapidly filling up their volumes. Turned out that a user had started to move things, got impatient and then did it again, and again, creating duplicates and triplicates and guintoplicates of every mail in the same mailbox, leading to a 1 TB mailbox. I wrote a deduplicator, that made sure that of every mail there was only one. It took some time (6 hours), but in the end the user had it 60 GB mailbox back.

For a number of companies I had set up a support contract, in which they pay a monthly subscription. Each year they get an report on the time spent on their behalf.

Hard and Software developer, Trainer, Writer

My work interests include programmable matter and the rest of the world.