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I got a call from a journalist who I knew via the tennisclub, if I was interested in helping them out with a project he was involved in, concerning poetry. At first I was supposed only to do some project management and make sure that everything was finished, as they could not seem to be able to finish the project, it seemed they were running around in circles. I started by reducing talk about layout, making sure that first every basic aspect of the app would work: picking up poems, poets, images etc, and if that would work, we could get on with the layout discussions. Four months later I had written most of the IOS-code, introduced beacons and QR-codes in the app so that poems could be found via beacons and qr-code labels, and fixed the Wordpress backend in such a way that the editors could place their content in the site on Google App Engine, which would then be synchronized with a databases on the phones. We got some national coverage from national newspapers in the Netherlands, and having the site on Google App Engine helped a lot to not be overrun by the attention. After that things fizzled out, also because the app was not very good on Android, and we did not have any extra money to fix things and to move the app forward with the ideas that were there.

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The project has since been rewritten into Flutter, so as to make sure that the iOS and Android users have the same feature set (and possibly also a desktop version and a web version can be developed) and has been enhanced to also include poet-routes.

We are still looking for some extra money to make it Europe-wide, and then worldwide.

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My work interests include programmable matter and the rest of the world.