Boca Printer.

Several years ago, I developed a theater reservation system, for which I needed a printer. As Boca seemed to be the best printer around for tickets, I looked for the printer driver for some kind of Unix, as the stuff I developed ran on MacOS or any other Unix (It was developed in Java/WebObjects). Unfortunately, there was none. So I called the dutch distributor, got a printer on loan, and the day before I had to return it back, I finally nailed the Assembler and bitswapping that I needed to get the thing running the way I wanted. Later on I was contacted by Boca Systems who asked if I would be willing to develop the driver for a variety of Unixes and MacOS. Now, about 15 years later, I am still involved from time to time in updating the driver. Last time around I had to make sure the printerdriver worked on Mac OS 10.15, also known as Catalina.

Hard and Software developer, Trainer, Writer

My work interests include programmable matter and the rest of the world.