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Database Solutions

We build information systems that connect clients to databases via a variety of intermediates. We use Web-browsers based interfaces, but also Java based interfaces. For web based interfaces our primary development tools are PHP, Perl and WebObjects. For Java based interfaces we make heavy use of WebObjects.
Some examples:


Ostadetheater had a set of databases in Access. A lot of the data was overlapping. We redesigned the database in postgresql and cleaned up the data. We configured Postgresql so that the data could be reached via three interfaces:
  • Via Access (through ODBC)
  • Via a Webbrowser (with a PHP script)
  • Via a LDAP interface, so that one could find via eg the Mozilla adressbook or the Mac OS X Addressbook the adress, E-mail and telephone number of persons and organisations.

Admin for Small Biz

Admin For Small Biz (ASB) is a JavaClient/Perl project which consists of
  • project management: hour administration, deliveries done for a specific project, different project types etc.
  • invoicing: done based on hours,goods and own defined items, with reminders, overviews etc.
  • customer relation management: every contact with relations can be logged, action items can be added and monitored, contacts can be defined on function within an organization, seniority, etc.
  • centralized contacts database, approachable through LDAP, WebBrowser and JavaClient.
A lot of the repetitive tasks (making and printing invoices, VAT totals, hours per employee etc) are done via perl scripts that run once a month. For a lot of the overviews a web interface is build with PHP. The database we use at the moment is Postgresql, but before that we used Access, and then Mysql. The design and interfaces in PHP, Perl and WebObjects have not changed significantly as caused by the change in databases.

Van Dale

Van Dale is a Dictionary company. Netsense was asked to build a search engine for one of their dictionaries via a webbrowser. We implemented the search engine in Perl and MySQL. When Van Dale asked to replace the dutch dictionary by an english dictionary, all we had to do was to define an extra table, and rewrite the script to make use of the english table in the database.
For more information about WebObjects also look at the community site: WOCommunity.org and the wiki at http://wiki.objectstyle.org