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Research and Consultancy

Netsense does all kind of network and internet related research, development and consltancy.

Some of the projects we did:

  • Girotel: find out what went wrong with java applets and javascript in their Girotel Applicaion.
  • Ostadetheater: Consultancy how to better integrate their network and information infrastructure and reduce telecomm costs.
  • Nationaal Comite 4 en 5 mei: Report how to build database driven databases, built some examples.
  • Apple België: research and prototype how to netboot PC's from Mac OS X Servers.
  • Smartcards: use of smartcars with Mac OS X
  • LDAP: use of LDAP authentication on Mac OS X

If you you have any interesse in some of our solutions of are you looking for people that can handle comparable projects, please contact us:

Our address:

Nieuwe Herengracht 147
1011 SG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

phone: +31 20 6267538
http: www.netsense.nl
mail: info@.netsense.nl