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Articles CD's and Books


Johan Henselmans has written a number of article for magazines in the Netherlands. Some of the titles wre Infoworld, Publish, Computer Partner and Net. Some of the subjects: Directory Services, XML, Smartcards, Operating Systems (Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and OSX) and audio and video hard- and software.


For one of the biggest Computer Magazines in Holland Johan Henselmans and Fred van der Ende have written a CD over the use of the Internet, "Internet in de Praktijk".


Johan Henselmans has written some books on Mac OS X. Some the older books, on Tiger, Panther and Jaguar are written in cooperation with Fred van der Ende. Look at Van Duuren Media. The next book on OS X Snow Leopard will be published in the beginning of 2010.

The Leopard books:

cover of Complete Leopard book cover of Easy Leopard book

The Tiger book:

cover of Tiger book

The Panther book:

cover of Panther book

The Jaguar book:

cover of Jaguar book